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    portada Forsaken (The Nine) (libro en Inglés)
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    Forsaken (The Nine) (libro en Inglés)

    Amos Keppler · Midnight Fire Media

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    Reseña del libro

      The name Forsaken has no religious connotations. It has far darker meanings than that…  Janet of the Blue Flame is truly forsaken, by everything and everyone she once held dear.  Her heart and her soul have been ripped out, her mind violated beyond repair. The cruel violet eyes are dry. There are no more tears left. She is hardly more than a shade, drifting through the dark corners of the realms.  In a tavern without doors she sets out to drink herself to death.  Weeks later, after already legendary binge drinking bouts to end all legendary binge drinking bouts a man comes to her with a proposal. He wants her on «his team» of sorcerers, one he wants to take him on a tour across the nine realms. She does not know why she agrees, whether or not it is because death has lost its appeal to her or because it has not, or because she just does not care.  There are maps, ancient lore describing the path they must take, and Janet has traveled parts of the Journey before, enough to know some of its perils, enough to scare her, if anything can scare her anymore.  Janet of the Blue Flame is set loose on this realm and all the next, like an attack dog that has broken its chains.

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