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    portada Plan Colombia: Some Differing Perspectives (libro en Inglés)
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    Plan Colombia: Some Differing Perspectives (libro en Inglés)

    Gabriel Marcella; Charles E. Wilhelm; Alvaro Valencia Tovar · Lulu.Com

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    Reseña del libro

    This volume in our "Plan Colombia" series contains four expert presentations which were made to the February 2001 Miami symposium. The writers are a high-ranking retired military commander from Colombia and one from the United States, a leading Panamanian political figure, and a U.S. journalist. As might be expected, they look at the complex dilemma of Colombia from somewhat different angles. Yet, unlike the fable of the elephant and the blind men, the authors offer us more elements in common than contrasting views. First, it is clear that none of them offers a panacea or quick-fix solution or even believes that any short-term solution is possible. That judgment is critical for the Bush administration as it faces the need to develop and explain its own approach to the Congress and to the American public, audiences who are inherently against long-term involvements when they can be avoided.

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