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    portada Mr (b) man in the Iron Mask pk: Beginner (Macmillan Readers 2005) (libro en Inglés)
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    Mr (b) man in the Iron Mask pk: Beginner (Macmillan Readers 2005) (libro en Inglés)

    J. Escott; A. Dumas · Macmillan Readers

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    STAGE 2 Beginner 600 Headwords Past simple Past continuous Future with will/shall Modal- have to Catenative verbs - want to, try to, like to, hate to, stop, start - Present perfect Past perfect See, hear, watch + infinitive or present participle - Nouns in simple apposition Two nouns linked by and - Nouns phrase in apposition to a noun - verb + maximum of two adverbs Verb + maximum of two simple adverbial phrases of direction, time or manner - Adverbs of frecuency - sometimes, never,etc.- Maximum of two adjetives + noun Noun + one Simple adjetival phrese Simple comparatives- Compound sentences with two co-ordinate clauses joined by and, but or or The Man in the Iron Mask1661 - FranceLouis XIV is the King of France. He is young, clever and powerful. His Chief Minister of Finance, Nicolas Fouquet, has built a beautiful house near Vaux. Fouquet has invited the king and six thousand guests to the house for a great feast. Aramis, the Bishop of Vannes, will be a guest at the feast. The bishop's old friends, Porthos and D'Artagnan, are also going to Vaux. The Musketeers will be together again. But first, Aramis visits the terrible Bastille prison. Why?

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